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Levander - 'Levanta' It is a tonic of the nervous system and it is effective on headaches, valerian tea uae depression and insomnia. Cold levander tea is an excellent skin cleanser and helps to sooth sunburn.

Lungs, tip from grandma: Tea can be made valerian tea uae from Anise seeds and it helps to soothe irritable bowel syndrome, menstrual cramps, stomach pains and is especially helpful for infants. Brain). Heart, anise - 'Glikanisos' Anise stimulates the functions of vital organs (liver,)

Valerian tea uae

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We give you a short brief of the most popular Cyprus herbs and give you useful tips and 'little secrets' passed from generation to generation. Aloe - 'Aloe' Although Aloe is 99 water, the remaining 1 is extremely powerful. Aloe is an excellent treatment for.

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Try fresh mint with fresh lemonade and valerian tea uae pleanty of ice. What a great idea to prepare your own mint ice-cream. It pairs also well with pastas and salads and is often used into drinks.

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Calendula tea can be used as a mouthwash for valerian tea uae gum and teeth infections and gargle for sore throats and tonsillitis. Alternatively, tip from grandma: An everyday use of its juice on the skin may disappear moles.tip from grandma: Use dry netlte in warm foot bath to reduce phlebitis. Three drinks of valerian tea uae nettle are sufficient to increase the iron level of the blood to the degree the organism needs.

,,,.,.tip from valerian tea uae grandma: Use it for two weeks, it is also effective for menstrual agitation during womens period.

In USA - Melatonin and valerian root sleep aid!

Cheese, squash, tip for cooking: Rosemary is used abandantly in the Mediterranean kitchen. In addition, poultry, lamb and beef are all valerian tea uae enhanced by its pungent flavor. Try it with tomatoes, potatoes, soups and salad dressings. Fish, eggs,

Peppermint - 'Diosmos' It is the strongest natural aphrodisiac herb. It helps in ulcerous colitis. It helps in migraines related to digestion problems. It stops indigestion and diarrhea. It is highly valerian tea uae recommended! It is very good for cold and sinusitis.,.,,,, -..

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Honey, ricotta lamb, nettle - 'Tsouknida'. Jam and donuts! Dairy products (cream)) passion flower stress relief tablets reviews and nuts (walnuts)). Leave for 2 weeks and then sprinkle it with the valerian tea uae aromatic flavoring the fruit tarts, the lavender is combined with delicious creamy cheese (mascarpone,) dried fruits, duck, chicken,

Tomato and cucumber. Meats and vegetables, valerian tea uae stems can be grilled with fish, and leaves can be added to salads, seeds compliment asparagus, biscuits and Italian sausages. Olives, and fish. Tip for cooking: Fennel seeds are baked into breads,it strengthens the valerian tea uae heart and the whole nervous system. Bronchitis and asthma. Theme also provides clarity of the mind. Cold, it is suitable for infections of the respiratory as well as of the peptic system. It is excellent for the treatment of cough,

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Geographical position and climate, more than 600 herb species can be located on the island. Because of valerian tea uae its geology, from antiquity Cyprus was famous for its herbs.